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Sunday, January 13, 2008

eema's birthday party

actually we didn't plan for a bday party.. so it was all sort of last minute jugak ah.. suddenly we thought.. why not just ask the relatives nearby to come, since cik alin planned to make a bday cake for eema. but what do you know.. nearby relatives pun.. memang da cukup untuk mengkecohkan. :D

from the last minute thingy we still managed to have...

face painting from previous face paint pen.

a famous (only among us) guitar strummer and hummer,
with two beautiful backing hummers.

a....clown? entertainer?...err..something.

a sweet, pretty, beautiful, yummy, delicious cake by cik alin.
so pretty, sue said, "i think i'm going to cry".

a birthday song and cut-caking.. i mean cake cutting.


and games

and water bombs!

In the end, eema said.. "I think this is the best birthday ever!"


Pak Tuo said...

Salam Bloomsom dan family,

Lama tak ziarah.Selamat Hari Jadi Emma dan Selamat menyambut alwal Muharam 1429.

AM said...

comel sungguh the cake!

Mak Su said...

hepi besday eema... tentu kek tu takut ek sebab kena tenungan makrifat dari ramai2 orang.

bluewonder said...

beautiful cake... kudos to the chef and happy bday to the lil girl. Well not so little anymore.

eema said...

thank you :)

Anak Mami said...

happy birthday eema.. many happy returns..

my little d asked me whether she can have same cake for her birthday.. aarhh, tension..

madame blossom said...

pak tuo,

haha.. apa tu bloomsom? short form for blooming blossom? :D


mak su,
itulah.. ada yang tengok sampai terlinang air mata. (criter benar)

the chef is very talented.


anak mami,
heh.. kalau u kat singapore.. boleh jugak order dgn cik alin.