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Friday, January 11, 2008

to stop thefts

I read about the increasing crime rates in Malaysia today, especially thefts. And I can't help thinking that the best way to overcome this problem, would be to apply the Islamic Syariah Law for thieves. That is to cut off their hands.

As to the thief, Male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime: and Allah is Exalted in power.

Al Quran, Al Maidah 5:38

When they are caught by the police, the cutting off, of their hands, should be publicised in the newspapers, as a warning to others.

And NO, it's not cruel AT ALL - compared to the injury and misery they inflict on their victims. They don't feel as much pain as their victims, when they slash the victims faces, hands, stomach, whatever. Their pain will be more concentrated, and controlled in a single place compared to those people they hurt. Plus, there would be qualified medical officers around, during the execution of the punishment to ensure that they don't suffer more than is required. They'll survive.

The 2 major advantages of this method ordained by Lord, who knows his creations best, would be :

1) When their hands are cut, they will be less able to repeat the same criminal act.
2) The government need not use people's money to build more jails to feed and house these people, only to let them repeat the same offence again, when they are released. And like.. WHY on earth must we use people's money to feed and house the same ones who stole from the people??

And I truly believe, the government will not have to cut too many hands, after the first few are publicised. InsyaAllah.

Since Malaysia has basically Muslims running the country - it would be possible to implement - compared to, say.. Singapore.

And the Government shouldn't care about what infantile-nincompoop-bushok and the western press have to say later. Saudi - is practising that, and they don't say much, because Saudi has oil/money - so seriously.. it's not REALLY about humanity.

It is the most logical, economical, practical, effective solution.

Don't you think?


Mak Su said...

tunggu ler pak mantri jawab sendiri ek..

AM said...

it is.

(Scrabulous dah jalan :D)

Yara said...

I am fully behind you on this Erni. But I am also wondering what should we cut if the criminal is one without hands and I have read about such criminals...hmmm....

madame blossom said...


ok.. nanti u suruh pak lah baca blog I k? :D


next, we cut their legs. kalau tak serik jugak..ntah tak tahu apa nak cakap.

hAiRiL/spiderman_pink said...

tak silap ada budak di malaysia hilang lagi kan?

madame blossom said...


really? i didn't read pasal sad and sickening.. :(

madame blossom said...

oooh.. i read it already.. yday and today. geram nyer!! how they are getting away with it. mari sama2 doa the culprit is caught very soon, and the girl is safe. ameen ameen ameen. ya rabbal al'amin.

redtide said...

Salam, agreed.. The syariah laws are fair and more effective. Imagine the impact it has on those witnessing the event (its done in public at saudi) or knowing about the existance of such rules, they would think twice even thrice.

If we examine the rules of charging or executing the accused, they are just and fair.

Hm, it is more possible to implement it in Malaysia, however.. From my point of view, the current situation in our neighbouring country makes it impossible being dominated by liberalists and secularists.. Islam does not need 'islam hadhari', it is sufficient on its own.. And malaysia's ruling party is a long way from being islamic completely.

And Allah knows best.