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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Blossom E's surprise win

ADVERTISEMENT : A more meaningful and informational entry was posted earlier today (scroll down). Read THAT first if.. 'masa mencemburui anda' i.e. you don't have much time.

Facebook, 2nd Jan 2008.

Blossom E atoned for the frequent defeat to Anis D in Scrabulous, by scoring a late winner, in a game ending this morning.

Blossom E started to get behind Anis D from the earlier moves in the game. The point difference between Anis D and Blossom E, only got bigger as the game moved along. On the 2nd last move, Blossom E was 124 points behind Anis D's 325 points. Both sides were certain of Anis D's clutch on this game's victory.

However, at the last minute, when there were 0 tiles left in the bag, Blossom E miraculously whipped out a bingo on her last 7 tiles, and on a triple word square at that, scoring a whopping 95 points with FLUTTERY.

With Anis D's 16 points worth of tiles left on her, Blossom E won the game, with a final score of 312 to 309. A close one indeed.

Blossom E was very elated with the win. "I feel like jumping on my seat!" she exclaimed. "I am trying to contain my stupid big grin, so that people around me won't think I'm crazy or something. woooooweee!".

Ten minutes after that however, Blossom E sobered up, reminding herself that it's ONLY an online Scrabulous game, with no prize money whatsoever. No, not even free lunch.

But still, it was the happiest 10 minutes of her life day.

Disclaimer: Blossom E is not a facebook fanatic.. meaning, she does not poke or superpoke people. She does give occasional growing gifts and write on people's wall. She seldom accepts and adds applications.
But.... Scrabulous is fabulous!
And yes, she's talking to someone qualified about this addiction.


hAiRiL/spiderman_pink said...


madame blossom said...


Mak Su said...

macam tengah menonton game badminton plaks bila baca ni

AM said...

saya juga suka main Scrabulous! jom main!

Zee SHK said...

why do i suddenly feel regretful in letting you talk to me into playing scrabble with you, even though i know deep down i know nuts about the game?

anisism said...

holy cow!!
apa ni pegi bagitau dunia tentang kekalahan mengejutku itu.

yakni, meyakinkan bahawa, kehidupan ini ibarat roda yang berputar. kadang (selalu) di atas, kadang (memang kadang) di bawah jua.


madame blossom said...


memang gitu lah kira2 tujuannya. :D

really? ok.. i find you.

dont' worry la.. i tak sezalim anis d tu.. kita pelan2 kayuh while u learn the game. Cause i'm sure when u know the game.. u'll be good.

ya la.. nak 'frame up' sikit.. buat kenangan, pasal.. kadang aje kan. :P