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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We’re not knowledgeable until we know our Quran

How do we go on studying everything else, and not know our Quran? And we verbally agree that Quran is THE guide to life.

How do we teach others about life, and not refer to the Quran at all?

How can a Muslim person claim to be knowledgeable but not know the book given to them by God?

The Quran should be the basis of knowledge. And everything else that we learn is to supplement the knowledge, as Allah has asked us to do in the Quran (don’t you see?, don’t you know? don’t you think? don’t you observe?)

You and I say, okay, maybe I (and quite a number of other Muslims) say.. Islam (submission to One God) has the answer to all our current modern problems in the world. How do we even begin to educate the young, about living, without explaining to them the purpose of life?

Quran HAS to be the start to education.

The original purpose of education was to know God, and to know what to do to please God, and then live our lives around that. - Now?

Ya Allah, grant me knowledge that is beneficial. Aamiin.

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