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Monday, January 09, 2012

work to earn

Japan HQ has just started an initiative, allowing employees to share their resolution and determination in their area of work, in the company's internal global website. The HQ may have a great vision that the employees are all so full of determination to see the success of this giant company. But in these times, when retrenchments can happen anytime, just so that the company can cut costs and earn higher profit - it's hard to develop that kind of employee vigour. How do you expect the employees to feel so fired up and loyal to the company when they have seen another colleague of theirs, do the same thing, but was conveniently retrenched when no longer needed.

Determination at work? I am determined to be an truly honest worker - would that be acceptable? Or is it more important to look after the image and the profit of the company?

I guess it could be different in Japan - where the owners with these vision, are. They may look after their employees well there. However here, everyone is employed. Generally, nobody will be sincere enough to acknowledge another person's good work, if it jeapordizes their own position. People basically want to cover their positions - everyone is just trying to survive.

So let's be straight here. I'll come to work and do my part, as a good reliable Muslims worker, within the stipulated time, give and take a few. I have no.. love for the company. I work in a giant company to earn a decent living. Not live to work like crazy for this impersonal giant company.

* You know what.. maybe I am going to log on and indicate that on the global website. "As a Muslim, I am determined to be responsible, trustworthy and honest, in my work."


Al-Manar said...

Work hard enough to earn a good living and acquire as much experience that you can use in another environment one day, On the other hand, showing lack of enthusiasm is a defeatist attitude.

madame blossom said...

Pakcik, I really want to do that - gain experience and then to use it to do something that has direct positive impact on the community - I truly admire what you're doing. May Allah make the path easy for me. Aamiin.