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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Time out.

This morning, I signaled to filter into the other lane, in order to exit from the highway. The cab in that lane was far behind. But as soon as I signaled, he bloody picked up speed to block me from coming in. There was still a lot of space in front of him so I gently tried to go ahead of him, but he picked up speed again to block.. I lost my temper and I started using my hands frantically and angrily to tell him that I'm trying to filter OUT DAMN IT! I'M NOT TRYING TO OVERTAKE YOUR EGO! ARRGH!!

I managed to filter in, and get to the other side. As he passed by me and shook his head and his pointed (index) finger like expressing 'tch tch tch, no good.' Bleargh.

I am quite sad, that I succumbed to the anger. Now I'm grouchy... hmm I think I was grouchy since morning - from experiencing the lack of good manners and attitude - and then myself included.

Now I feel like hiding from the world. I need a time-out.

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