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Friday, January 13, 2012

The why.

My mom was transferred to normal ward yesterday. She looks like she is getting better. She can sit up longer now, though she is still having her headaches. She said that she can probably get much better if she's at home. I think in some cases it is true - hospitals are just not conducive for quick healing - we should only be there to get us out of danger - after that, when our condition is stable, we should recover in a calm quiet wooden house by the sea...

...or in our own urban homes.

There was a TED talk video* that I saw, that speaks of the correct path to success. (we sorely need to define success properly - and that wealth if related, should only be a branch of success, not success in itself). Anyhow, the path that was spoken of, I find it to be a logical path.

The speaker said, most businesses want to do something (the WHAT), and then they figure out (HOW) to do it. They stop at that.

However a common process, he claims, that all successful businesses have in common is that: first, they think about (WHY) they want to do it, and then (HOW) they can do it best, driven by the WHY - and then they come up with the product (the WHAT). He gave examples of Apple and the Wright brothers.

It's a clear vision and a strong belief that creates a drive for people to react to that vision and belief. It's the shared vision and belief that enables people to want to work together to achieve that clear goal (the WHY).

That is how LIFE should be.

*The TED talk video.

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