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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Akira Kurosawa's dreams

Just watched Akira Kurosawa's - Dreams. A series of 8 dreams (shorts), but I only managed to catch the last 5.

It seems to me that this man has a message that he wants to send out to his audience. The kind of artist I like - one with a vision and mission.

From the last 5 that I watched, he spoke of man's stupidity in having wars and in destroying nature. Man forgets that he is part of nature, yet he destroys the very same nature that supports his livelihood.

I love the simplicity of the stories and dialogues. My 2 favourite ones among the last 5, are 'Crows' and 'The Village of Water Mills'

In Crows, I love how the man goes through the paintings, and the appreciation of Nature. Pretty - beautiful.

In The Village of Water Mills - I like the dialogue between the travelling man and the Old Man. An excerpt, and among my favourite parts of the dialogue..

Man : But what about lights?

Old Man : We have candles and linseed oil.

Man: But night is so dark.

Old Man : Yes, that is how night is suppose to be. Why should night be as bright as day? I wouldn't like nights so bright, you couldn't see the stars.


There is also the idea of people doing something and not knowing why they do it - with regards to putting flowers on a stone. Interesting thought of something that is really happening.

Another short story/dream is the 'Weeping Demon'. Actually it is a scary image and thought. It tells of men who turns into demons with horns on their head, after a nuclear disaster. The horns hurts so badly at night, they demons wish they'd die. But their punishment is immortality - having to live through the pain and suffering forever. This reminds me of what Allah tells us, in the Quran about Hell. (nothing, though, can compare to real Hell, which is beyond our perception. naudzubillah.)

but as for those who are lost in iniquity - their goal is the Fire: as oft as they will try to come out of it, they will be thrown back into it; and they will be told, “Taste [now] this suffering through fire which you were wont to call a lie!”

As-Sajdah 32:20

"He who [in the life to come] shall have to endure the great fire
wherein he will neither die nor remain alive. "

Al A'laa 87:12-13


Ya Allah, please do save us from the great Punishment in the Hereafter. For You are the Most Merciful. Aamiin, ya Robbal A'lamiin.

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