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Saturday, January 07, 2012

my mother is not well

My mom, was admitted to Neuro Intensive Care Unit 2 days ago, for internal head injury. Her skull has a hairline fracture, and there are some bleeding in the brain. Doctor said, some damage have been done, but they don't know what yet. I hope, the critical period is over. She seems stable. She can move her limbs and she can talk. I'm not so sure about her memory though. Sometimes she thinks she is at home. I'm not sure, and I pray to God, it won't be, but I'm prepared for that to get worse.

She doesn't look that good, and she feels uncomfortable sometimes, she's not looking so dignified. She's giddy and she don't feel like talking all the time. As such, I have asked friends and family who know, to just pray for her. Don't need to come visit.

I know it's a good deed to visit the sick. But then, I'm quite sure, that is only so, if it makes the sick happy. And I'm sure, that only applies to the close ones, who can come, help take care of them. Not those who are not that close in the first place, who needs to be entertained with answers to questions about how, when, what, and why. Really, must the sick and family feel obliged to entertain and to repeat the story 10 times a day? So instead of letting the sick rest, and the close family tend to the sick one, both the sick and the family has to attend to the visitors? (UNLESS that makes the sick happy).

That is why, for ME myself, putting myself in that position, I opt not to visit a sick friend's parents, or anyone, I'm not close to. I will visit a family or friend, who I guess I can cheer up or comfort.

Okay, maybe it's just me. That's how I would feel lah. If I'm sick, I just want to rest and be alone. But then again, even when I'm not sick i sometimes just want to be alone. Oh well.

Okay, today, I'm going to ask my mother, if SHE wants to be visited, or who she would like us to tell. Then, I will only inform those that she is comfortable to see.

Now, everyone else, do sincerely join me in the doa, that my mom will get well and bright again, and that Allah SWT forgives her sins and make her a good Muslimah. Aamiin.

*My mom said, it's okay for people to visit her. But now she's fast asleep. :p


zammy yammy said...

Sorry to be amused by your story in times like this but you got a valid point! Hope your mum will be ok soon. :)

madame blossom said...

:) it's ok dear, and thank you very much. Aamiin.