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Monday, November 30, 2009


I had no idea what Twilight was about, and I didn't care, at first. But my daughter, she's into it (but she's not THAT into it - phew), thanks to her peers.

So one day, just a few months back, her friend came over with the Twilight DVD and they wanted to watch together. So I thought I better sit down with them to know what they are watching. And that's
how I got... to know about it and liked it. Maybe what I liked most about it is the intriguing character of Edward Cullen and his look, ONLY in that movie. Seriously, if he is for real, and I'm
single (and I'm dreaming), I don't think I would fancy him that much because he is very temperamental. And if a guy like that hovers over you to watch you like that, in real life... most girls I know
will feel suffocated. And the fact that he is a vampire.. hmm.. I mean girls.. SERIOUSLY, you're talking about the likes of jins here.

And then I read about that Twi-mum thing on TNP, and I'm happy to report that I'm not in that group. Twi-mums are women in their 30s and 40s, who are married and with children (obviously), who are
craaaazy about the twilight series and robert pattinson (or is it edward cullen?). They, the mothers, paste posters of edward cullen or robert pattinson on their wardrobe doors (kan da kotor), have
his figurines, spend hours reading the books and watching the movies like... 9 times, and they prefer to be undisturbed by husbands or kids (girlfriends are okay), in their own fantasy world, when
watching the movie.

It's funny that it's making news like it's something trival, because it's not. It's seriously not good for their family life and mental health.

My friend and I, we were talking about what makes them go crazy like that. One of the ladies interviewed said, perhaps they fancy Edward Cullen (or Robert Pattinson?), because he has with him, what
they know they cannot get from their husbands in real life (something to that effect).

And I find this to be a real problem. This kind of movies, set unrealistic expectations in them, of their husbands or of the man they are looking for. They always forget, that most movies, are
exaggerations of real life.. or just selected scenes from whole deal in real life.

Like in a relationship, I'm sure there ARE moments with your spouses, where you feel smittened - those happy and intimate moments... and if you collect all these selected memories and put them
together, I'm sure you'll find that your husbands, are just like those leading actors in the movies you like (plus or minus a bit).

In real life, there are such intimate romantic moments, and there are normal moments, and there are the not so good moments. This is REAL life. If you're smittened 24 hours a day, I'm sure you'll
get sick of it too. It's like being fed sweet stuff (e.g. sweets and chocolates) for the whole day - you'd feel like puking. You would want to take something spicy and/or bitter too. (e.g. sambal
tumis and/or coffee). So....

I saw New Moon, and I think Twilight, as a whole movie package, is better than New Moon. I'm talking about the plots, scenes, logic (like there's much in the first place.. but still..), story line and
the ending (the ending in New Moon and one slow-mo-running-in-the-forest scene, I like.... cannot carry ah..). No, I didn't read any of those books and I don't know them from the book aspect. Okay,
okay... I admit, I find Jacob's running transformation into a werewolf cool - that was a scene that made me think that, yes, maaaybe I should watch New Moon.. you know to accompany my daughter...

Oh yes, stuff I learnt from twilight and new moon.
a. vampires can live in nice glass houses in the forest (pretty, I like).
b. vampires can climb trees and win marathons.
c. vampires are ice cold and werewolves are hot (like they are their own sun).
d. vampires and werewolves have mood swings.
e. werewolves must have short hair.
g. vampires don't sleep, werewolves do.
h. carlisle cullen is the best looking of them all.

p.s for those who wants to try to be cured of the 'robert-pattinson' craze, you may want to watch another movie he acts in, it's called 'How to Be' :p I admire him as an actor.

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Mas said...

Haha..i discovered twillight through my daughter and i loove edward in the movie; so eeriely cool. I agree what you said about marriage, the sweet/sour/bitter parts is what makes a marriage works