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Saturday, November 28, 2009

importance in finding the source

In any rulings or news, it is important to find the source of it, to determine it's authencity and correctness - and to see if the judgement with which the information or rule was derived at, is relevant and in context.

The importance was proven again just now.

I was planning to go out with my girls & Aida. Eema and Nadhrah, just came back from Aida's place.

There I was, in the room, smsing Aida to confirm what time we should meet downstairs, when suddenly Hanaa called out from outside my room, saying 'aunty aida is not going, y'know'

So, I went out of my room and I asked Hanaa, how she got that idea? She said from Eema. I asked Eema how she knew that - she said from Nadhrah.. and then I asked Nadhrah how did she find out that aunty aida is not going, and Nadhrah said,'abis dia tak siap pun...**'

** 'cause she was not getting ready...'

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