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Monday, November 16, 2009


I find it funny that my daughter actually says out 'lol' (not even spelling it), when there's a funny scene from a comedy show. So, what is real now? A real laugh or chuckle.. or just a grin (:D) and saying out 'lol'. That's a funny (weird) expression. And she's not even online. Oh ok.. sometimes she is watching some comedy on youtube, so technically she is online.. but...uh.

Anyway.. it's no big deal.. just an observation.

I should start speaking in Arabic to her.. not like I KNOW how.. but just those things like.. 'look!' or 'faster!' and 'i want.. (followed by a malay or english word)'.. i can manage. still, i always forget to do it. No, this is in no relation to the above (lol).

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Anonymous said...

My son is the same too, said the word 'lol'...instead of actually laughing..