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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

mental disorder

So, while i was having my pedicure at a shop, 'gossip girl' was playing on their tv.

Gossip Girls is about a bunch of girls and boys who have nothing else on their mind except sex and possible flings/pointless relationships. During the start of the show.. it was already like this girl making out with that boy, that boy with another girl and another girl with the friend's boyfriend.. it's like they have some mental disorder.

And then, two girlfriends whose self and bodies have no value whatsoever, were talking after a 'summer holiday' and one of them was exasperated that her friend was not enjoying herself, having sex with any of the many boys at the beach.

My GOD!! Sick pointless show - there was no real plot or story whatsoever to the whole episode - it's like if it's minus the making out part.. it's just like a story about people walking/driving/eating.

I was almost sure then, the creator of this stupid show must be a male. And true enough it is. What more can I say.

A piece of crap. Yuck.

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