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Friday, November 20, 2009

Ion (pronounced ai-on)

I know why there's lesser things to blog about now. I mean to really go into detail to describe...

It's because, basically, it's all the SAME stuff repeating themselves in life. You know.. like the 'circle of life'.

I can't tell you how many times I've stared at a blank screen, trying to think of something useful to blogged about, that I haven't blog about before.

But now that I'm here, I do have something to say.

This week I went to the range to hit some golf balls. This morning, both my arms were aching, especially the right one.
I was thinking of taking up golf, so that I can spend a bit of time with my husband and son, and my husband can buy me cute and nice ladies golf stuff that he said he would get for me, if I play golf. Oh and most interesting of all, is to be able to go onto the golf course, where the scenery's beautiful, spacious and green.. to take photos. Having said all that, let's see if I will stay interested long enough, for me to get the license to play.

On fashion news, last night, when I was with Nurleen (hi!), my daughter called to say that she has 'nothing' to wear to graduation night. I told her to go find SOMETHING to wear from home. There MUST be something. A few minutes later, hubby called to ask me to give her support and bring her out to buy something to wear. It was nearly 8pm. What time was I suppose to go home, fetch her and go out again? Anyhow I listened to the husband and went back. To cut the story short, at last the husband, brought my daughter and me out, to ION Orchard, to find something there.

He said to go to Uniqlo. I like that shop. Some of the clothes look chic, and comfortable AND they are affordable - from Tokyo. The washing instructions were in Japanese, but...oh well. I have a strong feeling that I'll be back there again to shop for pants, jeans, shirt, cardigans etc.

Then, we went to Dr Cafe Coffee. Hubby wanted to try. I think the place, ambience, drink choices - are better than starbucks and coffee bean. And they also have the dates cookies, which I like. I wonder if they have an outlet in KL.

I love it, that we did not patronise or consume any western products, while out shopping last night. I mean like clothes from tokyo and drinks from arab... that's what I think is cool.

30 mins more to end of work week. Yippie.



Anonymous said...

Hon, u don't need a license, it's called PC (profeciency certificate) or handicap card. But that's only if u playing in regimented S'pore. Don't let it become an issue, u have to start somewhere right? Malaysia no problems. A couple more range sessions, a nice new set and we can tee-off already k.

madame blossom said...