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Thursday, November 15, 2007

writer's block, not.

I read before, that if you want to be a writer, then you have to write something everyday. It's like going to work. Everyday, at least a page.

But if there is really nothing to say, then.. what do people write about? Ok lah, in the above article - it was about writing a book. So of course, you have the main topic there already. So you just have to keep on adding to it.

So I guess, it's trickier to be able to do that in a blog. Because everyday, it's a new topic.

Some people use their blogs to record the daily life experiences, complains, gossips. But some are too mundane for me - or maybe I don't complain that much and I'm always the last person to hear of any gossips - which is just fine. Less dosa.

Kelakar eh, how sometimes you're a different person on the road. You tend to lose patience more easily on the road.

Ok, forget that.. my boss, just called me on the phone. about some work matter la. Today, he is on half day leave to play golf. Yesterday, I adalah joke dengan dia.. I said that I'll join him for his round of golf. Skali tadi he asked.. 'eh.. you seriously want to join me today?' Like what?? dalam hati la.. he would let me get off work to go play golf with him?? waah.. ni sudah baik. I better start practising again. Then also, I can join hubby and hadi for their round of golf.

Actually Hubby and Hadi pun ada ajak main golf la.. but, they are inviting me, so that I can take pictures on them on the golf course. So, I'll dress like some golfer.. bawak golf bag AND a camera. Well, that has not happened yet.

But I think I have a few reasons to start again with golf.

The last time I started to play, I got pregnant. Then i stopped. Then I picked it up again after Hanaa was 1 year plus. Then I got pregnant again. I stopped again. Then again, started after Eema was a bit older.
Then.. yes... i got pregnant again.
I didn't start again ever since.

Come to think of it.. maybe i shouldn't start. takut pregnant lagi.


So much for writer's block.

this entry is *unplugged*
Need to get ready for work.
Have a sweet day.


Yara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yara said...

Salam Erni,

errr...aah...hmmmm......alamak! commenter's block ke ni?...heh..heh.

(Btw, the earlier comment was also from me & deleted due to none other than commenter's block).

I have never played golf my whole life because I don't like walking long distances to whack a ball into a hole. Playing marbles when young was different as we need not walk far to the hole =)
I am a football freak although I play other sports too like basketball, sepak takraw, swimming, badminton, tennis, squash, etc but the problem is I am only good at football. Or should I say I was sebab dah tua ni only play with my kids and no more competitive games for me....bukan apa....beri peluang kepada yang lebih muda...heh...heh..

AM said...

hahaha. golf = pregnancy? scary! heh.

nurfiza said...

get pregnant again?? u!?

eh, best lar!


nurfiza said...

eh sis!

actually, pondering abt it eh .. whereby u r with ur camera & a golf bag - ok jugak tau!

mcm best kan!


hAiRiL/spiderman_pink said...

ameen! fiza kawen, chicken bloss dapat baby. lepak seh :D

madame blossom said...


itu.. pikiran melulu.. i don't know la.. if i'll pick up golf. macam takde time nak layan pun ada.

jangan ah takut.. awak pikir apa? :p

factory tutup.
illa masyaAllah.

part 'chicken bloss dapat baby' merepek. siapa chicken bloss?

Mak Su said...

hik hik hik, adooiii laaaa.....

DadhaSpoke said...

One of the best original entry gua baca.
Gua hairan apa benda golf kasi lu pregnant. Lu ni ada-ada saja.
Gua ketawa sorang2 ni.

(sori lah, tgh mode pakai lu-gua at this point.As in the nonya-baba's spoken language. Lu jgn tanya gua kenapa. Gua sendiri tak tau).

DadhaSpoke said...

By the way, lu ada baca tak pasal Hollywood's writers on strike?
Lu baca lah.
Kalau lah lu go on strike, apa jadi nanti?

madame blossom said...

Mak su!
hiccups? =D

waaah.. gua ok dgn lu-gua. tapi gua punya lu-gua ni.. rok punyer. bukan nyonya baba. tapi gua ingat orang baca pun tak bleh differentiate.

Gua tak tahu la.. relationship golf dgn pregnancies - maybe lebih active lebih fertile ke.. kena buat kajian, yang takde masa nak buat.

gua ada jugak terbaca.. eh.. ternampak.. tak baca.. pasal hollywood writers tu.. kalau gua kat sana.. gua tak go on strike.. inilah peluang gua submit gua punya screenplay!

*ok.. mentally tired to be speaking in that mode for long* :)

hAiRiL/spiderman_pink said...

takde time nak buat kajian eh?

tu lah fiza. tanak tolong. ada hikmah ni kalau kawin cepat2. boleh tolong chicken bloss buat kajian!

bluewonder said...

I spent much of my childhood at the golf club where my late father used to play wth his colleagues. The waiting and waiting for him to finish his game, even after finishing our round of swim at the pool (wth brother) was BOORINGGG! (masa tu kecik lagi).

I guess it's the wait, which has put me off the game..totally. Husband has expressed interest to take up the game..he tried and discovered that he didnt quite like it. THANK GOD!!!!

madame blossom said...


u pun boleh buat kajian. :p

hehe.. bad intro to golf u've had. they say, (don't know la.. who 'they' is) 'first impressions last.

So.... anyway.. nothing lost. :D

hAiRiL/spiderman_pink said...

you dont expect me to take pictures of my wife playing golf kan?

i dont want to get pregnant you know. not that i can lah. but. erm ok.

madame blossom said...

smart aleck eh?

madame blossom,
..'who they are' not 'is'.