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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

..right after this

i have been in love with the sky - eventful, full of colour surprises with different hues of blue, yellow, red, purple... clouds of different textures and shapes, sometimes moving fast, sometimes slow. Subhanallah.

I am suppose to be busy, but last night, I ended up doing useless stuff like watching youtube videos, even though I had my book by my side, ready to do my assignment.

'ok.. right after this video, buat assignment ah..' 'ok.. ni last' 'ok ok.. THIS one last', I was telling myself. At last, I felt sleepy and tired and I slept.

How then do I advise my children on procrastination??

Ok enough!
I'm going to do my assignment NOW!

right after i post these pics.


AM said...

pretty pretty sky.
pretty pretty cupcakes.

watch this video on youtube - - an iklan by Yasmin Ahmda which just won 2 awards recently; Best Television Commercial and Best Film Direction. I like!!!

Yara said...

Erni, procrastination is like a disease that infects many, if not all, of us at one time or other. We may procrastinate due to fatigue or other unavoidable circumstances but the most dangerous kind is when we do so without any valid reason. Like watching too much video on YouTube for example ;).
Believe that you have done that assignment...or haven't you?

madame blossom said...


great. tks for showing more youtube videos! hehe..
I liked it! so cute.

=D itu lah..
but anyway.. yes I have done it! alhamdulillah.

tapi ada lagi la.