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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

to get or not to get

I don't really go shopping. It's not a hobby. I also don't really know how to go shopping with friends most of the time because I feel pressured into getting something fast. I feel guilty that they are tagging along sana sini, due to my fickle-mindedness. But follow them go shopping I........................can lah jugak. Agaknya.

My ideal shopping trip would be, knowing exactly what I want, and where to get it. I'll go directly to that place, get, pay and leave. the panda who eats, shoots and leaves.

(Have you read that panda joke before? I read it in reader's digest. Pasal panda ni kan.. he walked into a restaurant to eat. When he was done, he shoots around (I believe no human were harmed), and then he left. Someone stopped him and then asked him why he did it. He said, "that's what it says in the dictionary". So the person went to look up the dictionary, probably when he reached home, cause i don't think he carries a dictionary around. He looked up the word 'panda' and it says. 'a black and white mammal, found in China. Eats, shoots and leaves.')

Ok, where was I.. right. yup.. get, pay and leave.

But ok lah.. I'm not such an abnormal lady who doesn't go shopping AT ALL. I DO go shopping, once in a while - like once in a purple moon. And WHEN I do, I can finish quite a lot of money. Especially when I'm in a certain place where Singaporeans feel macam OKB sikit because of the exch rate. And it's also because i happen to find more pretty clothes that are also decent, there.

I think if I go shopping more often here, both in town and geylang - i'd probably find something too. But that's the problem la.. I don't really go shopping. now I think I need to get a handbag. Because all i have now is the hoversack, a purple handbag, and a smaller black handbag.

The black handbag (which i don't know when I got in the first place.. i found it in my drawer) - strap dia da tercabut. And the purple handbag does not go with all my baju.

I CAN still carry the hoversack.. hmm.. yeah.. maybe I can just use the hoversack - it's an option.

Actually I'm thinking of getting something like a sling bag - in which I can carry my cameras, purse, hp, tissue, make-up sikit, car key and a small book. Hmm..Hanaa pun ada sling bag that I can use. But of course that one macam budak2 pulak.

So I either go out shopping for a bag, or just use the hoversack.

How da dey?

p.s. Ok.. My last weekend activity post is still pending. I haven't even started writing yet.. because I'm waiting for me to upload the pics first. maybe tonight. MAYBE.


bluewonder said...

The ideal shopping expedition for me is one which involves me, myself and I. Husband hates shopping...leaves everything for me to buy, even his personal stuff. So I'd usually leave kids wth babysitter and go on my pressure to keep up wth anyone. Senangkan!

madame blossom said...


yup2..betul. I get more things when I shop alone. When I'm in KL, sometimes I'd shop alone. I guess that's why I can shop better there. (or err.. finish more money there).

The last time, i shopped there, was with my aunts - but it was a 'get pay and leave' thing. So it was fine also. :p

AM said...

shopping is fun bila ada duit. huhu.

marlina said...

i like shopping alone too!

i took a few MONTHS (sbb the timberland one i fell in love with was nowhere to be found) to get the sling bag that could fit my camera, wallet, make up pouch, car key (belum lagi), tissue and a small book. had to get the bag that screams "ME!"...

i know a place where u get quite nice sling travel bag - depends on budget also...somewhere in tiong bahru plaza but of course, orchard much more choices...let me know

Mak Su said...

Hi madame blossom, same goes with me, i dun like go shopping with frenz coz i dun want to bother them with waiting, waiting, but i can teman them shopping bila bila saja they asked. and i am like panda too, make my life easy.

nurfiza said...

oh yes, that handbag - not soOo you! agreed that u need another handbag / slingbag :)

shopping? i've not done that for quite some time. hmmmph ..

oh and yes! pics puhleaseee .. :D

take care darls!

madame blossom said...

oh! itu memang betul!

orite.. show me the way.

mak su,
kita serupa...

u sorang tau skrg.. cakap handbag tu tak kena dengan I. but anyway.. tali pun da putus.. Maybe it agreed with u.. bag tu pun tak nak dengan I. :p

Yara said...

I am also the get, pay and leave shopper but fate has brought me together with someone who spends quite a long time to decide on what to buy even though she has "decided" what to buy before heading for the shops..know what I mean =)
Anyway, if you feel that you need the sling bag, just go and get it. I always believe that we need to buy necessary things and al lthe luxuries can be bought as and when you have surplus in your bank account.

madame blossom said...


ur wife, is normal. =D

OK lah! besok jugak pegi cari sling bag. besok.