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Thursday, November 01, 2007

the forgetful beings we are

It's very easy to get absorbed into this world and forget our final destination.

We work, play, laugh, watch tv, entertain ourselves - with no slight thought whatsoever that today or tonight, may be the time, when the angel of death, in charge of us - will carry out his duty, as ordained by Allah SWT.

Sometimes even in doing 'ibadah', (e.g. going for syarahan or giving syarahan, reciting the Quran, advising others etc), we lose our focus or forget the root intentions, and get absorbed in wanting to 'win' the situation or prove something only to ourselves or to others. No longer is the intention for Allah SWT.

So how can we constantly remind ourselves of Allah SWT, of our purpose in life, and our final destination?

I believe that is one of the purpose of our 5 daily prayers. Just like.. why do you think, in schools, we need to say the pledge and sing the national anthem every morning? But Allah knows best - once a day is not enough.

That would also explain why 5 prayers grouped, only to be done at night - will not work. That's besides the fact that we don't even know if it will be accepted by Allah SWT.

We are truly forgetful beings. and Allah knows best, we NEED to be reminded constantly.

With the properly done 5 daily prayers, insyaAllah, we can be in 'constant' reminder. Of course not constant by Rasulullah SAW standards, only constant by our weak standards. Weak as in, even there, right after prayers, while still on the praying mat, I can start to forget. :/

But the efforts and sincere intention counts, I believe.
So we keep on trying.


AM said...

betul betul. menunaikan solat 5 waktu is the least we can do untuk mengingati Allah. itupun, diri ini masih lalai.

nurfiza said...

another good entry ..

Allah is always with us, but do we always remember Him..? InsyaAllah we do & will continue to work on that.

alhamdulillah, thks for sharing the great reminder darling.


madame blossom said...

yup.. untuk ingat Allah SWT, thank Allah, ask for forgiveness - 5 times a day.

hihi.. afwan
most of all, i'm reminding myself.

Yara said...

You are spot on Erni. I thank Allah swt that I never miss my afternoon prayes at the workplace because there is a musollah there. Can also do the non-obligatory prayers too.

bluewonder said...

May I always be reminded of my obligations towards ALLAH. Another wonderful entry.Well done!

madame blossom said...

that's great - having a proper musollah kat office. i have to make do with the store room - but it's fine la.. clean.

Ameen. for all of us!

Mak Su said...