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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Expressing myself to me

Sometimes I type out my thoughts and my feelings freely.
But you're not reading most of them because I'd delete it before I can post it on any social media.
It's a way of putting some of my strong feelings and opinions into words without actually telling or revealing them to anyone (except God, of course).
Then analysing it while reading it back.
And then decide if it's beneficial for anyone else to know.
Or if it's more beneficial for me to change my thoughts or opinions about it.
By God's Will, most of the time, it worked.

p.s. There are times it escapes me. So please forgive me.  Insyaa Allaah will work on improving myself.

1 comment:

Al-Manar said...

Thank you for the quick response. To keep me reminded do call on me from time to time. That is the most effective reminder.

You expressed in this posting the process I usually go through - draft, relook, and changes. At times I would delete everything.

I will email some details on process mentioned above.

Salaam and all the best to you and family