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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One of my numerous favourite ayahs

I've been asked to state my favourite ayat or surah before and I find it very difficult to state one or even a few. Because truly, there are NUMEROUS favourite verses and surahs, some are too long to put here.

The Quran is truly a miraculous book, a book of eloquence. So eloquent that sometimes a simple sentence can carry so much meaning and generate so much thought in my mind. The subtlety.. Subhanallaah.

So I'd like to share one such ayat - one of my many many favourites - which had me pondering for quite a bit. I thought about the things we do in our daily lives, the things we earnestly fight for and spend so much time on in our lives. Are we learning and doing the relevant? If we are turning away from God and from His Words, Allah asks in Surah At Takwir 81:26

فَأَيْنَ تَذْهَبُونَ

"Whither, then, will you go?"
(Then where are you going?)

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Khairuizat abu bakar said...

Akidah - al ikhlas
Amalan - al-asr