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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

To be more human

** Wrote this about a year back! and found it while I was going through old emails.  I hope it's beneficial.

In this age and time, when most orders and rules are set and implemented with no explanation thereafter (as such people just follow obediently and don't know why they do what they do.  Most of us don't question anymore), and to add on to that, we are exposed to the media in which we only receive, and we are not required to give immediate feedback. So long after this kind of conditioning, I believe most of us have become a little bit more robotic, and less human.

For most people, when they see other people fighting in the MRT or having an accident, their first instinct is not to help the person involved, but to take pictures or videos of them, to post of FB.  Because, this is what everyone else is doing.

We need to increase the human side of us, by increasing our compassion and our empathy towards others.  And I believe in this age and time, it'll take a much more effort to be able to do that.  These acts of being more human is sometimes very rare, that you'd be like the odd one out, and therefore you feel shy about doing it.  But we shouldn't care about what others think, if we want to do something good.

One way to train ourselves to be more human or to have more compassion and sincere, is through hunger and charity.

Hunger, meaning - experience hunger - do not eat ALL the time, even when you're not hungry.  It's good to be hungry - that is when you body actually needs food.   You can eat when you're hungry or really hungry.  It also let's you have a slight slight glimpse of what people who cannot afford food feel, the whole day.  When we could have our food just a while later.  Thus this will hopefully build up your compassion and empathy.  This is also a good eating habit for your health.

As for charity, train yourself to be quick to help those people who asks from you to fulfill their needs, be it your family or the man on the street, no matter how small the amount, with sincerity and without smirking.  And if possible, without the knowledge of others - so that you know you're doing it sincerely.

It may be difficult in the beginning, but if you keep at it, God willing you may find yourself becoming more human, having a better heart for others.

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