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Friday, January 11, 2013

Weird World

I saw this movie on youtube the other night, where the main character became a marketing expert who made use of people and manipulated people's minds through movies and advertisements, to sell products. (..this should be an interesting movie..) In one instance, he promoted cosmetic surgery, where a girl involved in the surgery got into a coma. After a few more other bad incidents, this man began to realise that this is not good. He quit his job and went to some countryside to become a shepherd, herding cows. (huh?? err..okaaaaay... )

After many years, one night he had a dream. The dream instructed him exactly what to do. He woke up the next morning, and did as he was 'told'. He tended to his cows, and observed his cows and saw one of his cows turned red by evening. (err..) He took the red cow, sacrificed it by killing it then burning it. He then took some water mixed it with the ashes of the burnt cow and bathed with it. (hmmm... a youtube commenter said that this is a biblical incident... okay.) When it was all over, he passed out. His ex girlfriend - oh yes, he had a girlfriend when he was working as a marketing expert, they had a relationship and this girl now has his 6-7yr old fat son. Fat, because he eats lots of fast food - picked him up and brought him back to town.

When he awakened, he began to see things that others don't see. He saw blob-like things growing out of people's bodies forcing them to buy and consume, basically to become blind consumers. He saw this in his girlfriend and the son too. He figured out that these blobs were the brands. (WHAT on earth am I watching?? Ok.. but it's about brands.. so I'll sit through it..)

He tried to tell his girlfriend about it, and convince his girlfriend of the evil of marketing, branding and advertisements - and not to fall for them. The girlfriend thought that he was going crazy, and wouldn't listen. He then had a plan. He went back to marketing to carry out his plans. It worked and he saw these blobs (brands) grew bigger and started attacking each other. It was a brand war. His intention was to make people realise the ills of advertisements and branding, through this brand wars. Finally it worked, the people protested to the government about all these brands advertisements and manipulation. The government put a ban on advertisements. Advertisements in town begin to disappear one by one (I like that scene).. and the town was calm again.

Everybody lived happily in the end, and the girl who got into a coma at the beginning part of the movie, also woke up and walked out of the hospital - and that was the end of the movie.

Then one youtube commenter said something like: "I don't agree with this movie.. nobody in a long coma can suddenly wake up and walk out of the hospital like that".


What a weird movie. What a weird comment.
Weirdly thought-provoking though.. both of them.
Weird world we live in.
May Allah guide us always. Aamiin.

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