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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Productive Muslim's Seminar

Last Sunday, was quite a fruitful day for me. For many Sundays already, it was just quite plain or just an activity or two, other than reading. but last Sunday I was out of the house from morning till night, doing fruitful stuff. One of them is attending a Productivity Seminar brought to us by Productive Muslim.

It is by far the most engaging seminar I've ever attended (as far as I can remember), masyaa Allah. What I like most about it, is the fact that it is talking about what seem to be a normal topic like 'productivity' - I mean, nothing Islamic - however, in this talk, it talks about achieving Productivity from a Muslim's perspective, where we have our Qur'an and Sunnah to guide us in life. This is what I've always been craving for. I've always questioned, WHY we need to read the westerner's self help books on this and that, when we can find so much example and sayings from our own Prophet (PBUH).

Other times, when it's an Islamic talk - it's really Islamic, as in the speaker doesn't leave much room on how we can apply it in our daily lives, living in these crazy world. Or, sometimes, I feel like we're too shy to portray Islam as a perfect way of living - or we don't even have confidence in it - that we have to solely refer to non-muslim westerner's books. I'm not saying they are totally wrong or useless, of course some books are really useful - but what I'm saying is, have we looked in our own backyard yet?

Here is a seminar and a speaker who is confident in his Deen, masyaa Allah, and it is clear from the way he shares with us about how our Deen can help us become better people, and more productive. Quoting sources from the Qur'an and Hadith, he gives examples and encouragement on how to achieve it. Confident is he, that he is not afraid to do something different such as, taking a cat nap and asking the attendees to do the same - and really did it. After all, power naps are helpful in a whole day lecture.

Taking power naps and how to sleep was part of the topics discussed.

I want to share with you this site, which was recommended by the speaker Mohammed Faris, helping you plan your sleep. When to sleep or when to wake up. Check it out. My son and I tried it - and it works, masyaa Allah.

The next time you hear of this talk coming to your town, try not to miss it!

May Allah SWT reward the speaker and the people behind this seminar for their effort.

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