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Monday, January 28, 2013

Conversations of the trees

We cannot hear the trees calling each to each, as T.S. Elliot claimed to hear the mermaids. But the air is abuzz with their conversations nonetheless, conducted in vaporous chemistry, and the ground too, via the bush telegraph of their roots.
~ Colin Tudge. Page 359, The Secret Life of Trees.

Such a beautiful thought. The conversations of the trees. This is non-fiction. This reminds me of the following verse, and I wonder if that is what the first ayat is also referring to.

The Qur'an is indeed miraculous, and Allah SWT is the Reality.

By the winds that scatter broadcast;
And those that lift and bear away heavy weights;
And those that flow with ease and gentleness;
And those that distribute and apportion by Command
Verily that which ye are promised is true;
And verily Judgment and Justice must come to pass.
Az-Zariyat 51:1-6
Translation of the Qur'an by Yusuf Ali

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