Madame Blossom's Book of Poems

Friday, January 25, 2013

Between sireh and dates.

I've always liked dates with almond. I still have some ajwa' from last October.
I bought some almonds. And now when I want to eat the dates, I'd split it open,
take out the seed, put in the almond instead, close back the date, then take a bite.

A few times when I did that, I'm reminded of my late grandma (may Allah bless her soul and forgive her all of her sins).
I don't remember that we have any sireh making apparatus, but if I remember correctly (for at the time, I was still young, before kindergarten I think), whenever she visits her relative, and one who does eat (or munch) on sireh, she would join in.

I remember watching attentively how she used to prepare sireh. She took her sireh, spread something on it, then put some other stuff inside, fold it nicely and put it in her mouth, and started chewing.

Somehow my splitting the date, putting in something, closing it back, then putting it in my mouth, feels somewhat similar. :D

I love my grandma. May Allah bless her soul and forgive her all of her sins, put her in Heaven and I can see her again. Aamiin.

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