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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Where do they go to?

Just now I went to a talk titled 'If today is your last day.' It was done at a mosque near the graveyard, Pusara Aman Mosque :D How apt.

That talk was good alhamdulillah - Ustaz Mizi asked us to think what if, a doctor tells us we're going to die within a few days/weeks? How that will change the way we look at life and things. I believe the important lesson here is to always be prepared for death. For the Muslims, isn't living basically, all about preparation for death?

However what I want to comment on is, how glad I am to see quite a number of Bangladeshi workers attending the talk. They had questions after the talk. I've always wondered if they have the opportunity to listen to sermons or attend regular Islamic classes on weekends.

I know the church near my house, is very active in getting foreign workers to the church. They have church masses in Chinese, Tagalog and even in Indonesian language! They provide buses for the people to come.

I wish our mosques can be more pro-active like that. Perhaps some mosques already are, and I just don't know about it. :)

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