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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Sometimes, I feel like dah tak kuasa nak layan kerenah dunia* Always making life more complicated. If it's simple and straight-forward, it cannot be good. It has to be complicated so as to appear impressive.

People don't want to wait 5 seconds. It's too long. They'd rather spend thousands to remove that extra click. They want to save steps and time. They still have no time.

They don't want to listen anyway. They can have it their way. It is a waste of time. So look at it as a source of income.


*I don't know how to translate that to English, without losing the EXACT feel of that sentence.
Language shapes how a person think and feel, don't you think? The availability of words to describe a situation or the grammatical sentence structure somehow shapes how a person think and feel. Wouldn't that, then means that the more languages we speak, the more broad and vast our mind may be. (?)

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