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Saturday, May 12, 2012

everyone-is-happy day

There was a bit of a hoohah about Mother's Day celebrations among the Muslims. Some group of people has strongly suggested that it is HARAM! And then there are others who say, this is just a Mother's Day celebration for heaven's sake!

There are several opinions or versions for the history of Mother's Day (just look up the web). One stemming out of a Christian's 'Mothering Sunday' celebration, and then some people relate it to the honour of Maryam or Mary - Mother of Jesus Christ A.S, and another which states that it is basically to have a day to appreciate mothers generally.

You know what - I feel silly wanting to talk about it for very long, and thus making a fuss. All I want to say actually is that - I have no strong resistance to the celebration if for all these people, they really feel it's basically THE day to honour their mothers and it will make their mothers happy.

However, I just wish that we don't make a big fuss with this Mother's Day thing because it is kind of funny to think that we should pick a day to honour our mother or make her happy, when we should on ANY OTHER DAY AND EVERY OTHER DAY, honour our mothers and make them happy. This concept of honouring and making mothers happy should be all year round - don't highlight it on this single day.

Mothers themselves shouldn't feel the slightest bit hurt if their children happens to be busy on or even forget Mother's day, when they have been good children every other day.

Like every declared 'something'-Day - the happiest people are the shopowners. All these X-Days have become a commercial and business opportunities to increase sales.

Some children feel pressured to get their mothers something, (and this applies for birthdays) because they feel that it's so wrong not to get her anything on this specific day - then they end up buying something that the mother do not actually use or like. All the unnecessary pressures and wastage. Any other time of the year - if you're out walking and you see something that your mother (or any loved ones for that matter) have been wanting or you know they would like to have - get it for them. No, don't wait for something-day.

I also hope that siblings don't fall into arguments because someone forgot to book a restaurant and they cannot get a place on a declared something-day. The food doesn't taste any better on that day - in fact it could even be more expensive than on other days. You can go another day. Oh, but there is a day when food taste better - that's on Hari Raya Puasa, after a month of fasting. :D

Why do I have to write about this today? Ok, nevermind. I just would like to wish everyone an Everyone-is-Happy Day. InsyaAllah. Aamiin.

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