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Wednesday, May 02, 2012


I think you can read my slow transformation, into this kind of a monotone person, if you read the blog from 5 years ago.
I also noticed, how I wrote previously. Perhaps I was more playful. Now I feel like I am more conscious about my language, because I heard in a lecture that day that a good Muslim also speaks in a good and clear way - they avoid using slangs.

However when I am being talkative, I think these things still escape my mouth. But I only become very talkative with people I know well and/or am comfortable with. Or if the subject matter is something that interests me. It does not include shopping seasons, bags or entertainers. Other than that, I think I'm (verbally) quiet most of the time.

Perhaps these are 'trivial' stuff.
But then, a single atom may also be trivial, with a lot of empty space, but together they make up everything in the universe we know.

I know I may not be 'fun' to a lot of my friends already. I think I have become kind of boring.

"Boring is good, boring is safe." - heard that in some cartoon show.

I think there is some truth in that.

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