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Monday, May 21, 2012

cotton candy clouds

Wouldn't learning about clouds be so much more fun and easier if the names of the clouds are made simple like 'cotton candy clouds', 'the wave', 'the grand puff', 'fishy cloud' etc, as opposed to 'cirrocumulus stratiformis', cirrus uncinus, altocumulus translucidus. They are such a mouthful and it could have easily have been a name given to an animal instead.

Those mouthful names mean nothing. They are just a nuisance to learning. The point of learning about clouds is to identify it's characteristics, what it means to us, what we can expect when we see these kind of clouds. But all those points are lost in just trying to memorise the spelling for the I-suspect-there-is-a-conspiracy-to-ensure-that-not-many-will-KNOW-how-to-spell-it kind of names.

Man. Always making things difficult for ourselves.

BUT, who says WE have to really know those names? I'll just learn about the clouds itself and ponder about these Creations - not the man-given-name.

p.s. This reminds me of how simple the ideas presented in the Qur'an are, for easy understanding.

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