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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Uslub Al Hakim

A few moments after the slight shock when I swerved to avoid a near accident, my 10 year old daughter said nicely, "ibu, if you can take that near-accident scene just now, and put it into your 'patience' video.. the video lagi better eh?"

"Dear, are you trying to tell me to be more patient while driving?"
She smiled and nodded.

The lesson I learnt from my daughter is how we can choose our words wisely and how we can advise others so gently.

Of course, the other lesson is to be more patient while driving. :)

The awesome thing is, yesterday I have just completed reading (or skimming) through the Balaghah book, which explains the beauty of classical Arabic language. The last point I read in the book is about 'Uslub Al Hakim' - Uslub is something like 'the construct of a speech' and Al Hakim is 'the wise'. So, the construct of a speech by the wise. The beauty of uslub al hakim are the chosen words and method of putting across a message that would be most effective, subtle and in a gentle way. It can also be used to reveal or inform something which may not be 'good to know' to the listener, which makes it easier for the listener to accept. Then I see it being practised by my 10 year old daughter.

I hope the world will not spoil her wonderful mind and the innocent minds of all youngsters. And I hope we adults can regain those qualities too. Aamiin.

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