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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I was downloading a sound file onto my handphone, from the internet via wifi - and I suddenly thought about the process.

Can you imagine, taking our voices or any sound, turning it into some binary codes 0s and 1s. Then storing it somewhere in the far western part of the world, then make it travel through the atmosphere and then it gets identified as the specific set of codes called upon, to be retrieved and put into my handphone.

The fact that sounds can be recorded and reproduced is in itself amazing.

It is found that what we experience as 'sound' is actually caused by minute and very quick vibrations created on the thing that produces the sound. These vibrations are dispersed out, like waves, and gets transported through the available mediums (e.g. air or even solid). Then when the vibration hits our eardrums, it produces the sound to us. In the old days, voices or sounds are simply recorded by imprinting these vibrations. Now, these vibrations are stored digitally by translating it into bytes (0s and 1s)

But of course, it will never be the same as we seeing it or hearing it in person, because the quality of these original apparatus can never be beaten. In fact as I've blogged about before, these awesome gadgets and capabilities created derived from natural sources, utilised by man, is only a sieved out part of the whole Nature - which surely is so much more awesome and amazing.

Observing how amazing nature is, how sound and images can be reproduced, how cloning is possible, man in modern days should find it easier to believe how we can die, our body decompose, and then be made to rise and live again on Judgement Day.

I guess I have digressed quite a bit from the amazement about downloading a sound file.

BUT, truly, doesn't it all come down to this? Were we not asked to ponder about the Signs of Allah SWT in the very Nature than Allah has created?

In the end... Subhanallah, Allahu Akbar!

p.s. the sound file is still in the process of being downloaded from the time I started this till now.

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Al-Manar said...

It is unusual to see someone posting something on sound. You do and you relate it to Quranic message. I truly like this and I notice you do it quite a bit in your blog. It makes me wonder what you are. I guess you are about my daughter's age.

Do you have your email written somewhere so that visitors can choose to contact you privately as I do in my blog? Because of that I have a few very good contacts to share personal experiences.

Do use; if you need to know about matters related to family etc