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Monday, November 21, 2011

Woman's picture and sexism

So, just now (I know it's early.. I had to send my daughter to school by 5am, thus the extra early morning)... yup, just now, I opened FB, (Why do we feel the need to open FB everytime we are at the computer?? anyway..). and a photographer friend, posted a picture of a woman dressed in short night dress, seated hugging her knees, revealing almost all of her legs, and looking far with a tinge of smile. Then a guy commented on the photo, "very nice expression! its like; 'where can i find the love of my life' =D". A lady replied, "yeah, because what every woman's life ultimately revolves around is finding the one. ‎ know i was being sarcastic right, xxx? because you made such a sexist assumption about the photo?"

I found that interesting.

I, of course, am against sexism in the sense that women are being exploited like that. (..but on the topic of sexist, there is a whole lot of other points to consider - I'm not totally against sexism). Actually it went through my mind as I was looking at the picture, before reading the comments, why more often than not, it's always a woman and not a man's photo? In this particular case, why do women, in the first place, agree to be photographed as an 'object of desire'. And then this lady is unhappy that the guy commented like that? (he was not even talking about something closer to the subject of sex.. which is the ultimate message )

I mean.. WHAT on earth (other than seeking a mate) COULD a sexy picture mean? It'd be interesting to know what thoughts the lady think, could be the explaining expression in that picture. Perhaps, "Oh, how I miss my mother." or "I wish I had been nicer to the old lady crossing the road yesterday." "Aaah.. work later. I love work."?

I posted that comment - about the other possible thoughts. I thought twice about commenting, decided to do it and let her think about it. And I seriously would like to know what her thoughts are. That is of course, if she knows I was being sarcastic.

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