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Friday, November 11, 2011



I'm not sure. Do I sound arrogant in my updates or my emails or my replies by text?
Or even in person?

Sometimes, maybe I feel too eager to share my thoughts. Making effort to be firm in my principles. I sound arrogant?
Which is why sometimes, I don't like talking to people. I don't want to talk too much and say things the wrong way.
I hate feeling like this. If there is any tinge of arrogance in my heart, Ya Allah, please take it away.

Silence is virtue.

Abis.. kalau orang berbual dengan kita? Kalau orang tanya? How?
Haih.. please do forgive me, if I take a while to respond.
And I don't really like talking in person, because it doesn't give me much time to think about how to respond in the best way.
But if you do talk to me in person, and I am quiet, please know that I'm just trying my best.

If I have nothing good to say, I'll try to be quiet.
But what if there is something you feel is good, that you want to share?

Or, is this the work of syaitan the avowed enemy? Putting doubts in efforts to share what I sincerely believe is a positive idea? I only believe it's a positive idea lah, but Allah knows best.

Take a measured step, madame. In everything you say or do.
It's a constant struggle, but I'll try my best.
Ya Allah, help me.

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