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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why change?

Sometimes for the sake of 'change' that is the 'in' thing in the 'modern' world now, organisations feel obliged to change their process and system after a while, EVEN IF it is/was working well for the organisation. Sometimes, the newly changed system even complicates the work flow and the outcome is worse than before. Then they assign manpower to resolve these newly created issues and try to work around them with some manual or off-the-system work.

This happens even in big organisations. You know actually, it's in big organistions that these things are more likely to happen. The bigger the organisation, the harder it is for.. someone.. to manage quality. Sincere quality. Everyone is employed to carry out their duties - it's not their money that they are spending anyway, it's the company's and what's the point of making a point, if the leaders don't understand, and you're only jeopardising your position in the organisation by having a point that goes against the 'flow'. Nobody likes surprises in the organisation. They just want to get their day over and done with. So let's just let whatever it is, come and go. And so the monster organisation's expenditure and the quest for GREED! growth, grows bigger without real thought.. it's just a glob growing out of control, contributing to even more wastage, greed and invisible evil in the world.

I digressed.

Back to 'change'. Why fix it if it's not broken? Why change your furniture if it's not broken?
Why lay off people if you can afford to give them the means to support themselves through the job you are providing? (digressed a bit again.)

Can you see all these people getting carried away in the gushing stream of illusions of modernity?

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