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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Read that Book.

"Have you ever read the Bible?"
"Yeah, in church. You know, we all read the Bible in church... and we did have Bible studies, we'd read a few passages and talk for 2 hours about those few passages"
"No, no no, I mean have you ever read it, like a book, from beginning to end?"
"Oh. No.. I don't know anybody who has ever read it from beginning to end."
"But this is the word of God, this is our instructions on earth, so why haven't we read it?"
"You know, that's a very good question."
"Let us read the Bible. Let us see what God has to say to us...and start from Genesis 101."
"You're right. That's very good. I have a lot of time on my hands... why not? Let's read the Bible."
"We should not think of anything that we've ever heard of about Christianity. Let's say, like we had just found the Bible in the desert and just open it, and start reading it, and see what is says to me.. let it talk to us."
(Excerpts from a conversation of two Christians guys. One of them, became a Muslim.)

What about us, Muslims? Have we read the Quran from beginning to end? Possibly in Arabic and understanding it lah. But if you don't understand arabic - then read the translation of the Quran, from beginning to end. Try to read the translation of more than one translators.

I imagine doing this with The Quran. That is, imagining that you're in the desert, and suddenly you find this Book. This Book of Guidance. And you read it. I am quite sure, it'll have me at 'Bismillah'. And I'm quite sure also, that for me, by the end of the 5th verse of the 2nd surah, I would be in awe, and truly believe that this is indeed a book of Guidance, from God.

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