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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A husband's influence.

How a husband is, towards the wife and his mother plays an important part in the health of the relationship between his wife and his mother. A husband should respect his mother and have empathy for the wife. The husband should treat the wife, as a team, and the mother as... a mother.

If the husband keeps listening to the mother's request no matter how absurd - the wife will feel left out and may hold a grudge against the mother. If a husband listens to the wife all the time and ignore his mother, then he has hurt his mother and sinned.

A husband must be able to be firm in his decision, to both his mother and his wife - and be fair. Never should a husband raise his voice at his mother, especially in front of his wife - the wife must know and follow the husband in respect for his mother. And the husband should also never argue with the wife, in front of his mother - the mother must always see her son and his wife as a team.

In any case, both husband and wife, should respect both parents, as they would their own.

Difficult? Yes.. who ever said it is easy?

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