Madame Blossom's Book of Poems

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Sometimes I wish so very strongly, that I can take away all the hardships faced by friends and family and so many other people. I wish I have enough money, enough time, enough space - to clear them ALL. :'(

But I guess that would be impossible. And perhaps it should be impossible because, verily, our lives ARE about tests and tribulations - isn't that what Allah SWT told us? And I believe, it's through these tests and tribulations that we grow as a person, that we become stronger or wiser.. that we grow in patience and perseverance, and for some, in our remembrance of Allah SWT.

If everyone were to be constantly happy and they are veiled from other's hardships, it will most probably make us complacent with the life of this world, through the constant entertainment we seek. In that sense, yes, I can feel how Allah truly loves the people whom He has put some tests. And so big is the reward for those who are patient and who perseveres - so many times it's mentioned in the Quran.

But of course, we continue to also make doa, that we will be granted long life in IMAN, in gratitude, in peacefulness and happiness, in enough wealth, in doing good deeds with the wealth we have, and that we don't become among the complacent - insyaAllah Ameen.

So, with so much feelings for all those, who are going through so much hardships in any form at all, I sincerely, strongly doa, that Allah do not tests us, beyond what we can bear and that Allah grants us patience and perseverance - and may we, in the end, be among those who will attain much in the Hereafter. Ameen, ameen ya Rabbal alamin.

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