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Thursday, September 03, 2009

The advantages of me in heels

I have found, so far, 3 very good reasons, and 1 unimportant reason for me to put on heels WITH straps & buckle, where you actually need to put the pin into the strap hole, then put the balance strap into the buckle - yes that much work.

1) Restricting shopping timing.
Putting on heels is a good deterrent for me, from shopping a whole day (or a long time). Which equals to more money being spent - i.e. if I were to shop all day . I'm sure my legs would be killing me, by the 2nd or 3rd hour. So I would have to stop shopping.

2) Ensure proper walking
With heels, I am more unconsciously conscious of my walk. (you know unconsciously conscious? like.. tak sengaja conscious, but tak perasan sangat). I think I walk more lady-like. Tak macam gangster sangat. I guess that should cover the way I stand also right.. I remember one time (did I tell you before?.. anyway).. I was visiting a friend's aunt at the hospital. I'm in my usual pants and sandals. I salam-ed the aunt. Then she looked at me and said, "awak diri macam gangster eh?" Like WHAT?!?!? True story.

3) Ensure that I sit properly too!
Since this shoe is with the manual strap, I don't take off my shoes at the office. Because if I do, I would need to bend down to unbuckle & unstrap, then to bend down again and buckle and strap when I need to walk away from my desk (and not trip over my own shoe strap). And since I don't take off my shoes, I cannot put one or both legs up on the chair (duduk bersila or sit on my legs macam tahiyat awal)- which I do most of the time at work, even during some meetings - which is not good actually for my image - but my colleagues have gotten used to seeing me sit like that - even my bosses. BUUUUTTT.. so, with this shoes, I'm kind of forced to have my legs down on the floor - because it's not comfortable to sit on my shoes or with my shoes between my legs here and there.. - which means I sit in a more proper way at work.

4) Makes me look tall.
Yes, I'm small and short and heels can make me look taller - although I've never had the urge or desire to make people think I'm taller than I actually am. I'm quite comfortable with my height and size now - as I grow older. I've learned to accept me as I am.

So why do I wear these heels? Oh yes, because it's there. It's a gift from my sisters, and I don't think I should just dump them one corner. As such, I'm making a big an effort to put them on, and suddenly finding all these advantages of having them on. :p

That's the end of the story about my heels.

*Yes, having them on today.

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