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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FB friend confirmation methodology

Sometimes kan, after I confirm a friend request on facebook from a person who I don't know, or who is a friend of a friend, I wonder if they had intentionally, knowingly, purposely added me as friend, or if they had accidentally clicked on the 'add as friend'. Here is how I normally react to FB friend requests:

If it's someone I know, I know.. then I'll add without hesitation.

But when it's someone whom I have not met or known.. then my acceptance of a friend requests depends much on the mood of the moment and the relation of the person, i.e. if the person is a friend of a friend.

A friend of a friend, may be accepted more easily, then a stranger.

A friend of a friend maybe confirmed more easily, but it may not be immediate. It may be after due procrastination.

Whereas, for a stranger - it REALLY depends on the mood AND due procrastination.

If the mood is like 'I only want to be alone and anonymous'.... I may ignore the request.
If the mood is like 'ok.. maybe I can share some of my more meaningful updates with them' , then I just confirm.

But... if M Nasir or Jason Mraz add me, I'll add without any hesitation whatsoever.

However, I hope people who add me, are aware, that I can sometimes be quite nonsensical. It may even lead them to wonder if I have a split personality. For one period.. I may be all sober and thoughtful and weigh my words carefully, and another period or time.. I'll be updating about what I had for lunch - of which such information seriously, does not add value to the person reading it, other than that they know what I ate.

Having said all of that.. :) I think FB has a lot of it's advantageous. I'm now connected to a whole lot of interesting people. Families and friends whom I have not met for a long long time.. or those whom I meet only once a year.. people who have insightful thoughts.. people who are just funny. :) Yeah.

Note 1. 'Yeah' is a good way to stop an entry.. when you have no time to think of a closing paragraph or when you really can't think of any closing paragraph. Yeah.

Note 2. This entry is unplugged. Nanti when I have the time, I'll read through and edit.. in the meantime.. read unplugged.


MHB said...

thanks for accepting my friend request and sharing your world on FB. Thanks also for having the split personality. Don't we all have that. Yeah. ;-)

madame blossom said...

Heh. Babe, tks for letting me in to ur world, even if it's only near the entrance. :)

Zee SHK said...

eh M Nasir ada FB? if, ever, one day he adds u, pls let me be the FIRST PERSON TO KNOW. hee.