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Saturday, July 12, 2014

The truth behind Israel war on Palestine

Yes, I don't want to use the word 'conflict' cause that sounds like 2 equally ables parties having a disagreement. But seriously it's not. It's one powerful nation, treating unfairly and brutally a weak nation.

This is a good honest talk by the son of an Israeli General who was directly involved in the war by the Israelis on Palestinians. What are the true motives of the Zionist Israel government?

Some points that I noted :
"The truth lays in the personal stories, not the national narratives."

This is what a Israeli mother of a 13 year old girl (his sister) who was killed in suicide bombing by 2 Palestinian boys in Israel had to say :
"My government is responsible. My government brought these two young men to such a level of despair, that they would take their own life, and take the life of other innocent people. The brutal oppression under which the Palestinians have to live because of us, is the cause of this."

"The Israeli army - one of the best trained, best equipped, best fed, terrorist organization in the world. Yes, they have generals and have nice uniforms, but their entire purpose is terrorism."
- Miko Peled.

p.s. In any matter concerning humanity and our rights, when our national media, is biased in reporting, we have to take on the role of trying to spread the truth and educate through these humble means of sharing credible information. Spread the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Thi is not even worthy to be called a war. It's a massacre. A genocide.

They call their offensives 'retaliation'?! What a joke! It's daylight massacre. It's the Hamas's rocket offensives that are rightfully considered as retaliation.