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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


A conjectured theory about our eyesight, by Madame Blossom.

Basically our bodies adapt to what we do daily. So that includes the eyes and our eyesight.

In Singapore, I believe most golfers would have better eyesight than the average Singaporean. This is because their eyes are trained to look far at their target hole, everyday, for hours. ( I'm comparing to golfers because I can relate to them, my son being one. But of course it should relate to any occupation which requires a person to always look far ahead.)

However, for the average Singaporean, there is almost no chance to look that far in their daily lives. We live in blocks of flat, surrounded by much more walls than windows. Most of the time, we are indoors. Then when we travel on the road, buildings all around, block our view of the horizon. So everyday, our eyesight are only 'trained' to look a certain distance.

For those who don't even look out the window when traveling home - or who mostly travel by underground train, or worse, they are engrossed in their devices which is always only about 30cm from them - surely the health of their eyesight is more affected.

That would explain why more and more people need glasses or contact lens in Singapore.

To improve our eyesight, I believe we need to observe Nature more - the greeneries and the horizon. And praise Allah. :D

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