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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ash-Shuara - The Poets

This may seem trivial, but Allah is subtle.

These are my personal thoughts, as I went through the end of Surah Ash-Shuara (The Poets).

Surah Ash-Shuara 26:224-226

"And the Poets - it is those straying in Evil, who follow them,
Seest thou not that they wander distracted in every valley?
And that they say what they practise not?"

English translation of the Quran by Yusuf Ali.

I'm reminded of singers and their songs. Distraction? You know they are - you can easily lose focus or control over your time.

But the ayat that got me thinking is the last one - 'that they say what they practise not'. Most singers sing and utter words in their songs, words that they don't mean, or maybe some don't even know what they are singing about.

Words are meant to speak the truth. Even in songs.

Most of the time, if a person recites a poem - it's because they believe or agree with the poem. Not for a lot of songs and their singers. People sing along to songs, mostly because of the melody. They blindly repeat things, saying things they don't mean at all, much less practise it.

That was the thought that crossed my mind. Just my personal reflection.

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