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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Live comments - Weapons of Mass Instruction

This book is by John (every time I type that name, I would first accidentally type 'Johan') Taylor Gatto.
Some comments as I came across things that spurs strong reactions in my mind.

Pg 64
The official economy we have constructed, demands constantly renewed supplies of leveled, spiritless, passive, anxious, friendless, family-less people who can be scrapped and replaced endlessly, and who will perform at maximum efficiency until their own time comes to be scrap; people who think the difference between Coke and Pepsi, or round hamburgers versus square ones, are subjects worthy of argument.
==> I guess schooling did work to reach the above objective - you find this in the masses. Except those who strive to not follow blindly, and in nonsense situations, to go against the masses' strong current in their way of thinking.

Pg. 100
A century of lending our children to perfect strangers at an early age - to be instructed in what we aren't quite sure - has made an important statement about modern culture which deserves to be mused upon.
==> Musing, and not liking the idea.

Pg 106
Between children identified as bright by schools and those identified as stupid, hardly a difference exists but those created by deliberate deprivation.
==> Right! like not being able to afford hundreds of dollars in additional tuition fee in order to cope with school curriculum. Except perhaps for the rare naturally bright ones.

There were more... but I missed jotting them down.

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