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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Because it's nothing

One of the thing I heard an atheist talking about is that there is no detailed explanation of how the universe was created or in fact of anything - no detailed explanation. It's always quite generic. So he's not satisfied with verses that explains something in just one sentence - and not in detail.

Subhanallah, I on the other hand, see it as something that shows how Great Allah is. How?
Say if someone ask you, how to check where a certain location is in Singapore, you'd probably say 'Google it'.
That's it. Just 2 words. Google it.

You say it like that because to you, this is nothing so amazing to you, that you would explain it with such wonder. E.g.
"OH! you know?! there is a new thing now that can give us that information!. You'll need a computer or a smartphone or an ipad, then you need an internet connection with ...." You get what I mean. You don't go on explaining in detail how you 'google it', because it's almost common sense to you.

Well, in that way, I perceive that the way God mentions how heavens and the earth are created in 6 days, or how we made birds fly, or how the sky is held up without any pillars that you can see - is in a simple straight forward, no frills manner because it is nothing for God. It is for us to discover and find out the wonders of it. It is amazing and wonderful to us, not to God.

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Al-Manar said...

Talking to intelligent persons we do not need to say much. They can reason it out from a hint..