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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Calendar.

It has always been an exciting moment for people when they have finished going through the dates of the current calendar and changing to a new one. Having countdowns to the change of the year count. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for 4-5 hours party.

Of course what the New Calendar Year really is for adults like us, is nothing. Other than that change in the year numbers. It's still another day, another hour, another minute, another second, forward, doing the things we do just the day before or the week before.

It'll be different if the mark of the new calendar means you no long have to work, or you're free from prison (literally, physically, mentally or spiritually). That is something to celebrate for - even then, agak2 lah.. not to overdo it.

But this is how we are now, right? We do absurd things.

I enjoyed reading Age of Absurdity. Recognising all the absurd things we do in these modern times. It was quite a best seller. But the irony is, we still do it anyway. Most of our actions make no sense. We are like zombies being swayed here and there in a drunken state, whichever way suits the money making plans of the corporations and government. Sometimes it's just following the unexplained trends, without questioning at all.

People no longer do things because it benefits others or benefit them. They do it because the media tells that it's cool, they were ask to do it, or everyone else is doing it.

I went off topic.

What I'm trying to say is.. relax lah, take it easy. It's just another calendar, another year.

Shouldn't we celebrate every single new day, that Allah has given us, with solat and the aim and effort to be better. insyaa Allah.

In any case.. Happy New Calendar, you all.

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