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Friday, December 21, 2012

Answering irritating sales calls

I have grown tired of the world's cunning and dishonest ways in selling products. In almost every advertisements and every call, products and services are exaggerated or fine prints or additional charges not mentioned until you have signed up for it. There is always an element of dishonesty in their selling.

I'm also tired of answering calls from banks offering credit cards and loans, from spas, gyms, insurance companies etc.

I have been responding to these sales calls in different ways.

1. I don't pick up calls from unknown numbers.
2. I hang up at 'Hi maam!' or 'Is this... '
3. I answer in a lazy, monotonous tone and one word answers.
4. I lecture them back about how loans bring more problems to people.
5. I talk about One God to them.

I guess the above is in order of my energy level.

1 comment:

michael jameson said...

or alternatively u can try to play along with them for a couple of days before u tell them ' u got punk'd!"