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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Final Message

From the time God put man on earth, God has always given him guidance.

God kept on assigning messengers among men, to teach us about our Maker, to worship only One God. Therefore we have known messengers like Noah A.S. and Abraham A.S. and Moses A.S. and Jesus A.S. - they all preach the same religion that is the religion of worshiping ONE God, the Maker.

However, a lot of people either don't believe in the message brought by the Messengers or diverted away from the True Message. Satan made sure of that, because he promised God that he will do all he can to divert people from the true worship of One God.

God sent the Final Messenger, Muhammad SAW, with the Final message for the people of all nations and all times. God has promised to guard this Message from being changed or distorted.

This message now remains intact and relevant for man till the end of time.
Our last hope and source for True Guidance. To God we belong, and to Him will be our return.

Read the Final Message.
Read the Qur'an.

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Al-Manar said...

Indeed read it, understand the message and make every attempt to live by it. RReading alone may not be enough other than rrewards for reading . Listening to advice has no benefit in itself.