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Thursday, September 08, 2011

What life is about.

The news is, life is NOT easy. It's meant to involve struggle.

I always strongly believe that most psychological problems can be cured by understanding our purpose in life. As I have learnt from the Quran, life is a series of tests, to see who amongst us can strive with patience and perseverance.

As a Muslim, we understand that everything we 'own' on earth does not really belong to us. We must be ever ready to accept that God decides how long the loan is, and how it can be taken away from us at any time. So the tip to not becoming a lunatic when one loses their wealth is to know in the first place that it does not belong to us. When a Muslim man has wealth, he must understand that the community has a right to a part of it. Wealth itself is also a test from God.

And again, knowing what we learn from the Quran, that the world is indeed nothing but an illusion and amusement, we should become more aware and conscious of these illusions and therefore not let it keep us in a dreamy state, and sway us from our purpose in life.

Happiness on earth is in the striving, not in the having. For once you have what you strive for, the happiness fades. The more you have to strive, the happier you'll be towards reaching your goal. If strive or pain is not a part of it, there is no happiness nor satisfaction. That's why we don't appreciate free gifts as much as we would appreciate something for which we put effort in or paid for with our sweat, time or our money possessions.

May Allah guide us, Ameen.

*money sounds so temporary, meaningless and worthless. It is only worth something if it can get you something in return. but that is not always true or may not remain true..

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