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Friday, September 30, 2011

help us help others help us help others

If we ask ourselves, which is more important - our outcome in dunia or our outcome in akhirah?
Most of us would say 'akhirah'. But most of the times, our actions, and what we spend time on, and our endeavours don't really reflect that.

Ya Allah, guide me to the Light, to the path that is straight. Ameen.

(How is the above paragraph related to what's coming next? well, it's complicated, there was a lot of detours and u-turns within my neurons but the start point and end point were about the low income families. Without further a-confusion...)

Yesterday, was the first time for me to visit a low income family, in my adult life. When I was young, I remember having friends and relatives staying in 1 room flats, and as a kid, to me they seemed happy, no troubles. I myself was living in a 3-room flat.

Anyway.. this family doesn't have enough money to send their children to preschool, which can cost anything between S$75 and above per month. So, their 5 & 6 year daughters, have not attended school before, and the 6 yr old will be in Pri 1 next year. The authorities have identified kids that did not attend pre-school and asked the various races organisations to assist these children. Mendaki will be helping the Malay families. They are going to hold a program whereby they will try to instill reading and writing skills within the 1-2 months at the end of this year - before they enter Primary School - as much as they can.

I can't imagine how these kids will cope with school in Singapore. Even the 'educated' parents have a hard time tutoring their primary school kids - what more these parents who are not good in English to start with. I don't like our education system, the subjects and the test and exams methods. It seems to be more about the ability to confuse the kids as much as possible - then to allow them to learn and achieve something beneficial for real life. I mean seriously, in my life so far, I have not yet come across any use for 2pir or the sin cos of stuff I learnt so hard in school. Unless I was going to work in a place that requires those knowledge and abilities.

And, wouldn't people learn faster and better, when they are in need of the skill and knowledge? Does every single person in Singapore or in the world, need to learn sin cos, to read and analyse Shakespeare? Full of meaningless and/or superficial time-wasting effort. Now children lack morale, compassion - basically almost lacking the skills to live with others considerately.

Actually I want to talk about the low income families and how they can be helped. How do you help them if you're not sure what they are lacking. I mean, yes, I can see that they are living very modestly - no furniture except for a low table. A very old TV - which I don't care for. Seriously.. they can, not have TV. I want to buy them books instead. But I THINK they have just enough food. NO, I will NOT bring the kids to McDonalds to allow them to even start having cravings for McD's junk food.

You know what's missing? Regular religious assistance! Are we providing them with FREE and regular food for the soul? Perhaps we can provide them with this - to help them prepare mentally, physically, spiritually of all the tests they are going through. We can also provide moral support, letting them know, that we will always be there in case they need something.

God help us all in our efforts if it will lead to goodness. Ameen.

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